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"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
"I want to run away.
To see who’d search for me.
But I know no one will bother.
And I’ll probably just die wherever I hide.
Alone and unwanted."
-Alone forever. (via dying-ohso-soon)
"You may
blame Aphrodite

soft as she is

she has almost
killed me with
love for that boy."
-Sappho, Blame Aphrodite (via camilla-macauley)
"Soy pobre con gustos de millonaria."
Maldita nostalgia al recordar momentos con personas a las cuales ya no veo ni hablo, pero sigo extrañando.
"I wish I could hate you as much as you made me hate myself."
-14 word story - t0xic-roses (via perfect)


All I have going for me is sarcasm, resting bitch face, huge thighs, and really good eyebrows. 

"Smooth out your skirt and do not look at him."
-Advice for those who love people they shouldn’t  (via coyotegold)